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Accuracy of Diagnosis is a leading topic for many in the healthcare industry. We have an opportunity to challenge the status quo for quality assurance and create exceptional outcomes for patients. Here are a collection of pieces by leaders in the industry leaders and professionals who are advocating change.

Presentations/Publications, Related White Papers, Reports, Webinars

QualityStar-Keynote Presention: “Quality Assurance Tools to Help Reduce the Diagnostic Interpretive error in Beast Pathology”
6th World Congress on Breast Pathology and Cancer Diagnosis, July 2018

QualityStar-CAP Quality Management in Anatomic Pathology
CAP Pub125 ebooks 2017 

QualityStar-Demonstrating Quality in Anatomic Pathology: Where Is It Headed?
Webinar by Jared N. Schwartz, M.D., Ph.D., F.C.A.P
Recorded June 4, 2015

QualityStar – Strategies to Enhance Quality Assurance in Anatomic Pathology
Webinar by Mark Priebe MT (ASCP) SBB: February 20, 2014

Can Digital Pathology Result in Cost Savings?
J Pathol Inform Research Article: August 28, 2014

Why Current Breast Pathology Practices Must Be Evaluated
Susan G. Komen for the Cure White Paper: June 2006

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